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What is Svalbard?

History of Svalbard.

Svalbard Republic.

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Globe centered on Svalbard

Central Location of SVALBARD

Postal Cachet

What is Svalbard?

Recent pictures of Svalbard.

Links to Svalbard websites.

Svalbard Bibliography.

History of Svalbard.

Longyear City c1910s postcard

Longyear City, 1910s

Smeerenburg then (1639) and now.

34 Pictures of Svalbard c1897 from The First Crossing of Spitsbergen.

36 Photos of Svalbard c1910 from Mit Zeppelin nach Spitzbergen.

Antique Art & Photo Postcards of Svalbard - 54 images.

5 Photos of Svalbard c1919 by Richard N. Speaight, from The Graphic.

25 Photos of Svalbard 1960-1961 - J. Kent Lansing and Paul Adams.

27 Paintings of Norway Fjords and Svalbard c1927-1935 by Kenneth D. Shoesmith.

More historical pictures of Svalbard.

Svalbard Bibliography.

What is Svalbard Republic?

Virtual Consulate.

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Longyear City, capital of Svalbard, 1958 photo

Longyear City, 1958

Recent pictures of Svalbard.

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Longyear City, capital of Svalbard

Treaty of Svalbard 1925-1975

Mine Number 7 - 1966.

Mine Number 3 - Museum Coal Mine.

Arctic Seed Vault

Arctic Mars Analog Svalbard Expedition





Topographic Map.