RANDALL knife in box, with sheath, hone, and stone
The owner writes, I was just given a Randall sheath knife in a walnut presentation box. The knife form-fits in the box.
Along with the knife is a leather sheath w/ sharpening stone pocket.
Snaps on sheath are beige with green lettering that states
Randall Made Orlando, FLA and a sword (Scimitar) under the wording.
Snaps are on sharpening pocket and knife retaining loop.
The back of the sheath has
Randall Made (1st line) Knives (in center) and Orlando, Fla (Bottom Line);
no other identification marks are present and sheath looks like it has never been used.
Sharpening stone is also in place on sheath. Sheath rests in it's own compartment in presentation case.

On left hand side of presentation case it has a large sharpening stone marked
SB-4 NORTON soft Arkansas oilstone, Made in U. S. of A. In it's own compartment .

Knife is marked on blade with
Randall Made Orlando FLA with a sword on each side of wording.
Stamped on blade is the letters and number
WDR 4.

Handle appears to be maybe rosewood (just guessing)
in handle is a brass oval plate with the initials
A. M. H.
There is not an end cap on knife, but it appears that it never had one.
There looks to be 7 spacers behind blade and then handle.
Colors are wood tone brown spacer , white spacer , red wood toned spacer, ebony looking spacer, red wood toned spacer, white spacer , wood tone brown spacer. Then handle.
Knife has it's own compartment in case is routed out to fit knife shape.

Inside this box is a folded magazine article (no name on pages so I have no way of knowing magazine name)
about the size of a
Readers Digest or National Geographic.
Article is written by George X. Sand and article is titled "The Out of This World Hunting Knife."
Gives a history of Randall Knives and mentions astronaut Gordon Cooper carrying one on 22 orbits of the earth.
Also mentions you can buy a Randall kit knife if you do not want to wait for a custom made one.
Waiting time on article states two years.
Gives address as P.O. Box 1988, Orlando, Florida. (NO ZIP CODE in article mentioned)
A catalog will be sent for .25 cents with ordering instructions.
Mentions he likes Ford specifically Ranchero and Ford Bronco's to travel to the mails .
Article seems to be from mid - late 60's.
Shows several color pictures of Mr. Randall making blades and grinding them.
Article is folded in 4's and feels like it absorbed oil or maybe just old....

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